Executive Internal Administrative and Operational Procedures Documents
Approved Identification
Compensation -Overtime and Compensatory Time
Complaint Receipt, Documenting, and Processing
Maryland Reception Diagnostic and Classification Center
Maryland Correctional Institution - Hagerstown
Maryland Correctional Training Center
Maryland Correctional Institution for Women
Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System
Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup
Eastern Correctional Institution
Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center
Maryland House of Correction – Annex
Western Correctional Institution
Forms Management Program
Responding to Information Requests
Service of Summonses for Inmates in Civil Proceedings
DNA Sampling of Inmates by the Department of Maryland State Police
Grand Jury Tours and Reports
Access to Inmate Case Records
Records Management Organization
Records Retention and Disposal
Capital Budget Preparation and Submission
Employee Recognition Program
Work Schedules
Annual Leave
Appointment of All Licensed Health Occupations Personnel
Employee Handguns
Shift Changes
Employee Subpoenaed by Plaintiff
Metropolitan Transition Center
Roxbury Correctional Institution
Uniformed Services - Employee Participation
Americans with Disabilities Act 1990, Titles I and II
Employee Tuberculosis Prevention Program
Vehicle Fleet Management and Drivers of State Vehicles
Department Lease Management
Fees for Inmate Medical Services
Federal Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997
Office of Grants, Policy, and Statistics (GPS)
Communications Office
Rescission – Secretary’s Directives
Forms Management
Minority Business Enterprise Program
Personal Appearance Policy
Respiratory Protection Program
Departmental Research Committee
Inmate Telephone System
Female Offender Management Work Group
Internal Investigative Division
Use of Force
Interpleader for Inmate Funds
Inmate Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention
Environmental Compliance, Safety, and Emergency Operations
Training Responsibilities
Recreational and Charitable Activities
Exposure Control Plan for Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, and Unfair Employment Practices
Rescission Secretary’s Directives
Visits to Correctional Facilities by Public Officials
Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance
Office of Government, Legislative, and Community Affairs
Flag Protocol
Inventory Control of Technology Equipment
Contraband — Criminal Violations
Use of Computer Systems, Electronic Mail and Internet Services
Health and Safety — Work Environment
Electronic Mail Retention
Table of Contents for Publications
DOC Guidelines for Developing Policy, Procedures
Inmate Newsletters
Control & Disposal of Infectious Body Materials
Division of Correction Annual Report
Procurement Organization
Use of Emergency Procurement Procedures
Property Accountability
Excess Personal Property
Photocopy Fees
Missing & Stolen Personal Property
Gifts, Contributions & Donations
Sexual Offender Registration
Case Management Manual
MD Correctional Adjustment Center - Conditions of Confinement
Hearing Officers, Facility Representatives, and Audio Records
Pre-Hearing Procedures
Informal Resolution and Sanctions
Formal Hearing Procedures
Adjustment History Sentencing Matrix & Sanctions
Post Hearing Procedures
Disciplinary Hearings for Inmates in Special Confinement Housing Status
Hearing Data Report
Death Penalty
Isolation Cells
Record of Segregation Confinement
Disciplinary Segregation
K-9 Unit Operations Manual
Fingerprinting Inmates Convicted of Other Crimes While in DOC
Establishment & Selection Criteria for Tactical Units
Security Hand Mittens
Medical Parole
Examination of Inmates by Private Meical Psychiatric/Psychological Professionals
Organization of Educational Services
Library Services
Special Education Services
Correspondence Courses
Advanced Educational Opportunities
Occupational Education Programs & Services
Academic Education Program Services
Mission, Organization and Objectives
Indigent Inmates
Inmates Special Commissary
Headquarters Organization and Management
Institutional Organization and Management
Institutional Case Preparation and Presentation
Institutional Post-Hearing Actions
Inmate Grievance Settlement Agreement
Administrative Remedy Procedure (ARP)
Tours of Institutions and Facilities & Guidelines for Tour Participants
Family Day
Inmate Rights
Legal Assistance
General Property Policy
Inmate Personal Property
Transfers to Patuxent Institution
Inmate Transfers and Housing
Cost Assessment of Returning an Escapee
Inmate Donations to Charity
Cash and Personal Checks
Private Sector/Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program
Procedures for Handling Inmate Deaths
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Chronic Disease Management Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Inmate Deaths Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Medical Records Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Pharmacy Services Manual
Power Plant Operations
Conservation of Energy
Reimbursement of Inmate Personal Property
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Administration Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Infection Control Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Infirmary Care Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Medical Evaluations Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Pregnancy Management Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Sick Call Manual
Clinical Services & Inmate Health Substance Abuse Manual
Social Work Services Manual
Publications Index
General Policy
Patuxent Institution Directive (PID)
Patuxent Institution Manuals (PIM)
Inspection of Patuxent Institution
Safety Hotline
Swipe Card System
Requests for Information
Document Control Program
Records Retention and Disposal
Administration, Organization, and College Training Programs
Mandated Training
Use of Privately Owned Computing Devices
Fire Drills
Clothing Distribution and Recording
Toxic, Caustic, and Flammable Materials
Staff Chaplain
Inmate Led Activities
Providers of Group Services and Activities
Equal Food Service
Menu Planning and Dietary Allowances
Schedule and Composition of Meals
Abstention from Offered Food Items
Medical Diet Manual
Performance Management and Capacity Planning
Change Management Policy - Revision 1
State Vehicle Request Procedure
Hardware Standards and Technology Refresh
Software Standards - Commercial Off-the-Shelf
Property and Fleet Management
Policy and Procedure Document Development
Facilities Maintenance Program
Sexual Harassment - Prohibited
Preventing Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aures (MRSA)
Department Organization, Delegation of Authority, and Lines of Communication
Department Honor Guard Program
Fixed Asset Management Manual - OPM
Department Honor Guard Program Manual
Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Manual
Official Publications Annual Review
Information Bulletins
Handling Subpoenas for Division Records
Monitoring Service and Maintenance Contacts
Pre-Service & In-Service Training
Staff Orientation
Leave Bank & Employee-to-Employee Donation Program
Employee Testing for Illegal Use of Drugs
Restricting Off-Duty Staff from DPDS Facilities
Employee Subpoenaed by Plaintiff
Preventive Maintenance Program
Routine Maintenance
Fixed and Capital Project Assets
Fire Evacuation Plan
Toxic, Caustic & Flammable Materials
General & Environmental Requirements
MOSH Inspections
Risk Management
Laundry Services
Personal Hygiene Articles
Initial Security Classification
Assuming Custody of Hospitalized Arrestees
Processing Writs
Awarding Diminution of Confinement Credits
Assignment to the Central Home Detention Unit
Additional Resident Rule Violations
Restitution by Inmates
Juvenile Cases
Tobacco Products
911, Urgent and Emergent Medical Transport
Detainee Transport
Arrestee Entrance/Refusal
Resident Intake
Inmate Telephone Calls/Use
Transfer Alert Form
Separation of Male and Female Detainee
Special Needs Unit Admission/Discharge
Periodic Medical Evaluations, Post-Intake
Routine Health Services
Transfer of Residents With Infectious Disease
Infirmary Care
Release Medication
Release Medical Screening
Emergency Medical Services
Antiretroviral Agents
Program Events
General Food Services Procedures
Orientation and Training: Detainee Workers
Food Supply Control
Meal Service: Daily Meal Count
Medical Screening for Dietary Assignment
Adult Resident Grievance Procedures
Juvenile Grievance Process
Help Request Process for Juvenile Detainees
Help Request Process/Adult
Inmate's Personal Grooming
Inmate Property, General
Inmate Property Movement
Provision and Control of Clothing and Linen
Resident Property Disposition
Medical Co-Pay
Procedure for Handling Inmates' Death
Compassionate Release
Investigating Sex Related Offenses
Public Information and Media Policy
Subpoena — Authority and Requesting Issuance
Personal Appearance
Secondary Employment
Assignment, Use, and Care of Department Motor Vehicles
Evidence and Personal Property Collection, Storage, and Disposition
Search and Seizure Warrant
Witness Evidence Guidelines
Death Notifications
Division of Correction Food Services Manual
Inmate Religious Diet Program
DPSCS Financial Operations Manual
Establishment of Work Schedules
Scheduling Leave, Vacation and Holidays
Commissary Over the Counter (OTC)
Cell Phone and BlackberryAdministration
Vehicular Accident Review
Division Honor Guard Program
Personal Accommodations for Detainees
Mattress Replacement and Control
Handling, Analysis and Disposition of Suspected CDS
Commissary Over the Counter (OTC) Medication
Food Samples
Service of Process
Unfair Employment Practices, Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
Medical Testing Ban
Menu and Therapeutic Diet Approval
Gratuitous and Purchased Meals
Catering Services
Dietary Hygiene Practices and Uniforms
Materials and Supplies Manual - OPM
Standards of Conduct & Internal Administrative Disciplinary Process
Licensing/Certification of Medical Personnel
Commission on Correctional Standards - Compliance Audits
Detainee Orientation
Maintenance — Facilities Leased by the Department
Case Management Policy
Manual for Special Managment Protocol
Immunization Record of Juvenile Detainees
Inquiries from the Media
Baltimore City Detention Center Juvenile Services Unit Program Manual
Media Access
Mandatory Educational Services
Overtime Policy — Correctional Staff
Seniority Policy
Annual Leave Policy
Alternative Leave Policy
Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities
Separation of Adult and Juvenile Detainees
Separation of Male and Female Detainees
Inmate Wellness Policy
Medical Diet Manual
Heat Stratification
Overtime Policy for Correctional Officers
Employee Filing a Criminal Complaint
Insufficient or Exhausted Sick Leave
Employee Recognition Program
Detainee Legal Matters
Authorized Use of Detainee Incentives and Rewards
Sick Leave
Inmate Rights
Certification for Sick Leave Usage
Detainee Programs
Overtime and Transportation for InService/
Inmate Business
Public Information Act – Document Request Tracking
Recycling Program
Responding to Requests Under the Maryland Public Information Act
Clinical Guidelines for Suicide Prevention
Responsibilities of Institutional Training Managers
Required Training
Out-Service Training and Education Programs
Request for Legal Representation by the Office of the Attorney General
Newsworthy Event Reporting
Grants Management
Prison Rape Elimination Act - Federal Standards Compliance
Innovative Ideas Awards Program
Voluntary Transfer Policy - Uniformed Officers and Parole and Probation Agents
Volunteer Program
Criminal History Records Check — Non-Mandated Employees
Inmate Welfare Fund
Mobile Devices and Services (MDS)
Charitable Activity — Inmate Participation and Contributions
Employee Contact and Personal Information
Volunteer Program Administrative Manual
Posts and Post Orders
Inmate Property and Clothing
PREA Investigations - Tracking and Review
Compressed Work Week
Weapons Cadre Administrative Leave
Building Employee Spirit as a Team (BEST) Committee
Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Policy
Re-Entry: Assessment, Planning and Programming
Policy Statement - Workplace Violence
Conference, Training, and Travel Expenses - Approval Process
General Guidelines When Involved in a Vehicle Collision with an IID Vehicle
Approval - Appointment to Grade 16 or Greater
Accessibility of Specified Personnel
Employee and Inmate Visiting and Communications
Filling Vacant or Re-Classified Positions - Structured Selection Process
Volunteer, Intern and Contractor Contact and Personal Information
E-Mail Etiquette
Contract Employment
Inmate Handbooks
Assaults on Correctional Staff
Information Security Manual
Patuxent Institution Bulletins (PIB)
Inmate Handbook
Visits of the News Media
Research Definitions, Purpose , Limitations
Research Planning, Standards and Approval Procedures
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
Political Activity
Accident Leave
Sick Leave
Performance Evaluations
Personnel Files
Professional Meetings and Seminars
Risk Management and Accident Prevention
Jury Duty
Time Clock and Civilian Time Card Procedures
Overtime and Compensatory Time
Annual Leave
Non-Custody Interview Boards
Leave Bank and Leave Donation Program
Licensing Certification Requirement
Employee Recognition Program
Personal Appearance and Dress Standards for Uniformed Personnel
Emergency Power and Equipment
Conservation and Recycling
Control of Hazardous Energy - Lock Out, Tag Out
Gifts, Contributions and Donations
Fire Safety Inspector
Protection from Abuse
General Housekeeping
First Aid Kits
Emergency Lighting System
Organization of Treatment Department
Understanding Orientation
Inmate Therapy
Diagnostic Group
Treatment Plan
Recommendation for Inmate's Non-Eligibility
Pre-Board Hearings
Tier Level Assignments
Hearing Officers, Facility Representatives and Audio Records
Pre-Hearing Procedures
Rule Violations
Informal Resolutions and Sanctions
Formal Hearing Procedures
Adjustment History Sentencing Matrix
Post-Hearing Procedures
Disciplinary Hearings for Inmates in Special Confinement
Hearing Data Report
Inmate Visits
Employee Discipline - Case Processing
Promotions - Correctional Officer Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Security Chief
Mental Health
Supplemental Institution Education Programs
Indigent Inmates
Inmate Advisory Council
Inmate Picture Taking Program
Special Visits
Authorized Inmate Personal Property
Inmate Packages
Discharge/Transfer of PATX Program Inmates
Inmate Release Process
Room and Board Charges
Preliminary Paole Revocation Hearings
Inmate Labor Pool
Inmates on Work Release
Patuxent Institution Warden's Powers and Duties
Fiscal Operations for INmate Funds
Inmate Recreation Programs
Facility Organization .010.0001-1
Pre-Service and In-Service Training
Weekly Institutional Rounds 110-0043-1
CDS and Contraband Transfer to Regional IIU
Religious Services
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Priority Enforcement Program
Internal Investigative Division - Polygraph Unit
Policy Statement - Inmates with a Hearing Disability
Hunger Strike
Medical Autonomy
Arrestee Entrance and Refusal
Transfer of Medical Records, Psychological Records and Medication
Test Document
Inmate Deaths - Reporting and Investigating
General Safety
Portable Storage Device
Inmate Assignments and Payroll
Body Armor
Inmate Mail - Mail Room Procedures
Office of Investigative Services
ITCD Mobile Devices amd Services Procedures Manual
Key Control
Information, Technology and Communications Division Mobile Devices and Services Procedures Manual
Intelligence Contraband Interdiction Team (ICIT)
Violence Reduction
Identification, Treatment and Correctional Management of an Inmate Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria
Department Firearms - Transporting Off-Duty
Search Protocol - Employees
Search Protocol - Visitors
Funeral and Burial Expenses for an Indigent Inmate
Special Meal Management Service
Reporting Serious Incidents
Inmate Packages and Catalog Orders
Occupational Education Services - Work Orders
Portable Storage Device Use with Correctional Education
Religious Services Manual
Office of Clinical Services
Entry and Exit Procedures - Correctional Facilities
Offender Case Management System (OCMS)
Sexual Misconduct - Prohibited
Inmate on Inmate Sexual Conduct - Prohibited
Maximum Security II – Structured Housing (MAX II SH)
Administrative Release Procedures
Correctional Officer Hiring and Retention/Attendance Bonus
Prison Rape Elimination Act Audit Manual
Security Reclassification